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A good GMAT or GRE score is a necessary condition to secure an admit to a renowned business school. However, it is not a sufficient condition. The admissions committee of business schools consider your "fit" as an important criterion when selecting students. Your b-school applications essays and resume help them get to know you better before they shortlist you to interview with them. You do not have a second chance in either of these steps. Presenting your story effectively is key to making the cut. Learn more about how Myadmit can help you make the winning impression.

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There is no denying the fact that your academics, projects, publications, and GRE score play a very important role in securing an admit and scholarship for an MS or PhD program. In addition to these hard facts, schools are equally keen to know your research interest, your motivation to pursue education in the chosen field of study and how you are likely to contribute to the field after you graduate. Your SoP is your one chance to showcase all of these. Getting it right is, therefore, essential to translate all the hard work you have done into an admit. Learn more about how Myadmit can help you craft that convincing narrative.

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Where you study and what program you study will matter the most in shaping your career. The universe of colleges and universities to choose from is quite overwhelming. Not all colleges and countries offer good quality of education and lucrative opportunities after you graduate. Reach us for free counselling to help understand the landscape and choose from our list of curated, accredited partner colleges. We will assist you through the entire journey including applying to colleges, editing your SoPs and essays, following up on your application status, and guide you in selecting from the different offers you get. In addition, we also provide assistance in securing education loans and guidance on the student visa process.

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