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What is an SoP (Statement of Purpose)?

When applying to a master's program in any field of study, you will be required to submit a Statement of Purpose (SoP). Also called the Personal Statement or Letter of Intent, the SoP allows you to discuss your past experiences and background and explain how your past has shaped your interest in that field of study.

Furthermore, the SoP is the place for you to explain your interest in the program - what salient features of the program appeal to you - and your career vision - how graduating from the program will allow you to meet your short- and long-term career goals.

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Why focus on the SoP?

A significant value is attached to the SoP during the application evaluation stage. Schools want to know that you have clear and attainable goals. They also want to know that you have researched the school's program and have chosen to apply to the school for the right reasons.

Most of the elements in your application are quantitative data points about you - GRE score, undergrad GPA, birth date. However, the datapoints by themselves do not capture you as a person. You are made up of more - specifically, your goals, dreams, and past experiences, and what you have learnt from them. Graduate schools use the SoP to effect a qualitative evaluation ofyour profile so that they can better evaluate your fit for the program. If your personal values do not align with the school's or if your goals are unlikely to be fulfilled by what the program offers, you are less likely to get an admission. Conversely, if there is a match, then you are more likely to get an admission.

Essentially, the SoP can make or break your application.

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MyAdmit Makes you Stand Out in a Crowd

You do not have to fret about your SoP anymore! Wizako's team of editors and strategists will help you write the perfect SoP. You can have a professionally edited SoP that is 100% error-free and proof checked for grammar, tone, style, and content.

Our SoP editing services include a strategy session with our experts - the session allows you to get clarity on the content and discuss the best ways to express your thoughts. Once you have attended the strategy session, you can then go ahead and write your SoP. After you send the written-out SoP to us, our experts will edit and format the SoP for you. The result will be a 100% error-free SoP that best captures your intent and personal experience in your voice, maximizing your chances of getting an admit. So, do not wait any longer and give yourself the Wizadvantage!

What next? Getting Error-Free SoPs is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

  1. Introduce yourself and Outline your objectives
    Send us a one-page profile to get started. Also, let us know the geography, specialization, schools that you are considering applying to - even if you only have a fuzzy idea. This will help us get a first-impression of what you have in mind before we embark on step 2 - brainstorming
  2. Work with our consultants and send us the docs
    An expert will be assigned to you. They'll have a brainstorming session with you to understand your profile and shortlist schools and programs that you should apply to. Once you are ready to write your SoP, our consultants will help you highlight salient points to write about, and discuss your ideas for a first draft. When you're done with your first draft, they'll give you feedback, edit, refine, and accentuate what's needed, while maintaining the originality of your voice and your story.
  3. Receive Error-Free, Refined SoP, ready for submissions
    The final output will be 100% error-free guaranteed, while continuing to remain your unique story and voice. Get started now!

MS PhD SoP Review Fees

SoP editing for 3 colleges - INR 30,000 + GST

I have one purpose in life. Why do I need 3 statements of purpose?

The best SoPs are customized to meet the requirements of each school that you are sending the SoP to. From program features to word limit on your SoP, everything will differ from program to program. Hence, it is imperative that you do not just change the name of the school and reuse the essay. After all, this is a key input determining your future.

You will receive a FREE Strategy session to help you shortlist colleges and universities to apply to.

To get started, send an email to or a WhatsApp message to +91 81389 48484. We will get in touch with you to create that winning SoP of yours.

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